Our Founder

Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa Established MTC and Its Parent Company, Global Tobacco Supply Ltd, A Leading Producer of Cut-Rag for Cigarette Manufacturing.


Ayabatwa embarked on the MTC project in 2013 in Arua District, West Nile, northern Uganda. Production began a year later in 2014. Today, five years later, GTS and its subsidiary, MTC, are engaged in both tobacco growing and processing. Our MTC complex consists of 32,000 square meter manufacturing facilities and storage. The complex has a processing capacity of 30 million kgs of tobacco a year. Ayabatwa highlights at least five achievements in the Arua-based investment effort. These are, 1) quality products; 2) direct and seasonal employment; 3) farmer development program; 4) stimulation of services, and 5) corporate social responsibility. Direct employment, seasonal employment and contracted farmers sustain 15,000 people. In services, MTC has stimulated the region’s economy in a number of ways. A good example is the transport sector. MTC operations require over 2,500 trucks annually to transport raw materials as well as finished products. These activities have a spin-off effects on fuel consumption, accommodation and associated general services. Ayabatwa is particularly pleased with GTS’ corporate social responsibility which is divided into two main areas – food security and afforestation. With regards to food security, MTC trains over 1,500 farmers per year on good agricultural practices. • Over 20 different crops cultivated under good agricultural practice • Practical demonstration is provided on more suitable plant population, crop calendar, and disease control. • Training and distribution and use of organic fertilizers is equally important. With regards to afforestation, MTC has accomplished the following: • 2.2 million tree seedlings distributed every year. • 1.8 million seedlings to farmers. • 500,000 seedlings planted on company land. • 200,000 seedlings distributed to schools, churches, hospitals, public institutions. Our founder greatly appreciates the collaborative spirit with which GTS has worked with the Ugandan stakeholders, including two levels of government, community leaders and civil society actors across West Nile.