Who we are

Global Tobacco Supply Ltd (GTS) is a dynamic grower and trader of premium quality tobacco Together with farmers, GTS grows high-quality tobacco and undertakes the entire value chain to produce cut-rag for sale to cigarette manufacturers. We buy 100% of locally grown tobacco leaf, supporting 14,000 small farmers in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); in Angola we run a farm with more than 200 permanent employees and 3 times more seasonal. Now in our 14th year of operations, we employ more than 1,300 permanent staff. During the harvesting season, our seasonal employees and small businesses in the transportation sector more than triple our workforce. The tobacco is then exported or converted into cut rag for local and export sales by our primary processing factory based in Arua, Uganda.

Our core values

As an indigenous African company, we live and breathe corporate social responsibility by being socially accountable not only to our stakeholders but also to all levels of government and the public. It is in this context that GTS generates considerable exports thereby assisting governments to earn larger shares of global export revenues. With local governments and Non-Governmental Organizations, we empower communities to uplift themselves in improving their food security and water harvesting. Together, we robustly enhance the environmental management by arresting deforestation through tree-planting. We believe that by securing these resources, we are part of the global community that seeks to mitigate the impacts of climate change which is key to ensuring the sustainability of our planet and our business.

Our Responsibilities as a Homegrown African Corporate Citizen

Corporate citizenship is not a slogan with Global Tobacco Supply Ltd – far from it. A homegrown African company with humble beginnings, our corporate citizenship across our continent i s expressed in various ways, all of which are geared towards giving back to the communities in which we operate. Whether it is building classrooms for a needy school, funding a water borehole to improve water supply, improving farming methods to end chronic poverty and food insecurity, or supplementing official efforts to fight the Covid19 pandemic, GTS stands shoulder to shoulder with African governments and other national stakeholders to improve African lives. This is our calling and primary responsibility.

Health and Safety

Global Tobacco Supply Ltd strictly adheres to the World Health Organization Framework Convention (WHO) on Tobacco Control which reaffirms the right of all people to the highest standard of health and asserts the importance of demand reduction strategies as well as supply issues.

Corporate Structure

Business Model

Premium Standards and Processes

Global Tobacco Supply Ltd

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