Corporate Structure

GTS is incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles and managed from Mauritius.

GTS is part of the PGI Holdings Solutions group, based in Hong Kong and operates across the world.

GTS’ main sister companies are:

      • ITE specialized in the acquisition, sale, rental, maintenance, and servicing of machinery for cigarette making and packing.
      • Potomac owner of cigarettes brands that are licensed to manufacturers throughout the world.

Business Model

With more than 8,000 Ha of land spread across Uganda, DRC and Angola possessing farms and processing facilities, GTS processes 14Million Kgs of green leaf per year, with 10 Million Kgs of cut-rag sold and transported to cigarette manufacturers.

Premium Standards and Processes

With more than 14 years of experience, GTS has refined its operations and processes to meet the industry’s best standards. Tobacco growing guidelines are distributed to all our farmers who are then monitored and guided closely for quality control, ensuring that the highest quality product is grown. The tobacco is then processed through a separate subsidiary, Meridian Tobacco Company, in Arua – Uganda, whose focus is processing using industry leading standards in plant threshing in order to separate the green leaf from the stem. Through our in-house mix, the leaf & steam are mixed and refined into cut-rag, which is then stored and monitored closely until processing through insulated units which control moisture levels and temperature.



GTS plays a pivotal role in the African economy with around 1,300 staff and 18,000 contractual farmers spread across farming, processing, logistics and administration.